Robert Dubé

Many will be surprised to learn that Quebec has played an important role in the development of jade carving in Canada. Indeed, in 1972, Robert Dubé went to the workshop New World Jade Ltd in Vancouver, where he demonstrated his expertise and enthusiasm. He is the instigator of the new studio New World Jade Product which produces more than 2,000 sculptures before its closure. In 1973 -74, there were thirty jade carvers in Vancouver.

Robert Dubé is borned in in St. Jean-Port-Joli, in a wood carvers environment. Trained in fine arts at the Minneapolis Art Institute, he has experimented with many techniques and has worked in all materials. His main contribution to the sculpture of jade has been to give to this new industry a breath of originality and daring that will influence the jade carving in Canada for decades. He was the first to work on large jade achievements.

Robert Dubé worked for the family of sculptors Ellero Sudbury, Ontario before pointing to Vancouver. In 1981, we found him at the Nautilus, in Montreal, where he produced hundreds of sculptures in serpentine stones. In 1984 he was conservator at Cornwall, Ontario, where he died prematurely at the age of 35 years. Posterity will remember that Robert Dubé has been a pioneer of jade carving in Canada.